Douchebag Workout 3

Douchebag workout 3 is the third version of Douchebag workout. The three versions of Douchebag workout are the series of games which is about health care and gymnastics.
If you want a game that is a non – fighting, non – violence game and you can play it all day. There is no better choice than Douchebag workout.

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Because Douchebag workout 3 is the upgraded version of Douchebag workout, so, of course it has many outstanding features. Therefore, it is very attractive.

The main character in the game is a poor skinny man who wants to be stronger, more handsome and fashionable. In the game, you play as him and your mission is to make his dream come true.

You have to use your mouse to do everything in the game. When at the gymnasium, you have to use your mouse to make him do the gym. Click and hold the left mouse or tap on the screen many times to help that man do the gym. After you fishing each exercise, the game will accumulate your skill. When your accumulated score are high enough, you will be given rewards. It is like up level in other games.

Playing this game may be the motivation for you to start doing the gym or play a sport. As you know, it is very good for your health. Your character in the game will gradually become strong, sexy, fashionable, so why are you always be so thin, so weak? The game will motivate you to go to the real gymnasium and start your training to renew yourself, not the man in the game. The first step is the same with the game, becoming a member. Then, your character in the game and you in real life will do the gym together.

In the introduction of the game, there is a sexy girl that everyman likes, but she just hook up with strong, sexy man. If you want to date with girls like that, it seems like impossible. Now, you reform yourself, get a lot of muscles, become strong, the girls like that will fall for you immediately.
And now, do you have enough motivation to start play is Douchebag workout 3?

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