Strike Force Kitty 2

Strike Force Kitty 2 is an online Boy game. The evil foxes occupied kitty’s home. They want to counterattack. So your mission is helping the kitty capture the fortress of foxes. On the road, you should eat fish as much as you can. Are you ready? Come on!
strikeforce kitty 2 is an action game developed. It is a very cute game which is suitable for everybody, even children.
How To Play strikeforce kitty 2:
– Use the arrow keys or mouse to Jump/dodge.
– Use the arrow keys to control your cat army. Jump over obstacles while collecting fish. Dress up the cats with costumes and weapons to improve the strength of your cat army. Collect full set costumes for special powers!
– Arrows / Mouse = Jump / Down

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5/ 5    1 ratings

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