Thumb Fighter

Have you ever played thumb fight against your friend? If you have played so, it will not be hard for you to play Thumb Fighter game. This game is an excellent arcade game based on the traditional schoolyard game of thumb wars! In this game, you will control the one thumb, and your friend controls the other thumb. If you catch the thumb of your friend while he/she is attacking, you can decrease his/her health. If you find the inch of your friend, hold it for a while to give more damage. The one who concludes the rival’s health first wins the game.
Battle it out in classic thumb war fashion against your friends or play against the computer for ultimate Christmas bragging rights.

Press A if you’re playing from the left-hand corner and press L if you’re playing from the right.

You have to comply a close watch on your stamina bar and ensure it doesn’t deplete! The crusades are enjoyable, and the different thumb costumes are pleasant too – can you prevail in the thumb wars? Have fun with Thumb Fighter, or try one of our many other two-player games!

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5/ 5    1 ratings

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