Strike Force Kitty

Strike Force Kitty is a splendid dress up game. Funny runner – fight and dress up your cats in a huge number of costumes!
Run and fight against enemies surrounding your castle! The brave cats will automatically attack enemies in their path. You can collect tons of fish and special upgrades during each round. Unlock shirts, hats, and accessories to customize each cat. Improve your weapons to run even farther!
The main feature of the game are the costumes received by the player at fox victories. The costumes make the characters stronger and give abilities that open new paths by passing the levels. Each costume is a reference to pop culture: movies, games, comics, cartoons, cartoons. At the same time, cats’ skills can be improved by training them in the gym, making them stronger, faster and more resilient.
How to play strikeforce kitty:
– Use the Arrow Keys to control your army of cats. Jump over obstacles and collect fish.
– Dress up your cats to improve the strength of your army with the costumes and weapons found along the way.
– Try to collect full set costumes for special powers!

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